Learning Time

One time i was cooking pancakes and i put way to much oil and baking powder and like a fourth of the amount of sugar I needed. So after I fried them they tasted pretty terrible. They were also burnt. What this taught me was that I should probably learn to cook. Because someday I will live alone and have no one to cook for me. Unless I want to have instant noodles everyday for lunch, which would work for a while but i would get tierd of them sometime. Anyway, I should probably learn to cook sometime.

Three Creative Websites I Vistited

I chose to do the sand website. It was really cool cuz I got to draw a bunch of stuff in the sand. My picture looks like some kind of mountain range through a thermal camera. It looks weird but i like it. I liked that website because you could use like any color you wanted in the sand. Thats why my picture was so colorful. When you go on the website you just click “C” and that lets you select the color you want the sand to be. If you hold down your mouse it lets the sand fall on to the blank space. You can make many designs and pictures.

The secone website I chose was one of the Science websites. It was called “magic pen”. Magic Pen was a really fun game, it gets challenging though when you get to the higher levels. When you go on the website it gives you instructions. The thing i like about it was, we got to draw a bunch of stuff and move the ball.

The third website i did was from the music catagory. It was the one with drums. I think what you were supposed to do was play the drums along with the music. I dont really know how to play drums so i just hit them randomly. I like it because its fun to make sounds with the drums.

Here are links to the websites i used:

Magic Pen

Spring Break

My spring break was pretty fun. I didnt go anywhere, I mostly stayed home. The rest of my family did not have spring break so i was home alone most of the day. I spent most of the days lounging around the house watching TV. Being home alone is pretty nice, but i was really board. Better to be board then get loaded up with homework from school right?? Well, on like the last day of spring break i decided to go to my friend’s house. Her house was pretty fun, we did a lot of stuff. We went swimming with her brother and friend and ate at tokyo deli. It was fun. Oh yea, and I also went to a couple birthday parties. My spring break was great even though i didnt do anything. If you are wondering where i got these pictures here are the sources: PicturesPictures

Famous Woman- Pocahontas

Pocahontas was native American. She was very brave and helped James town a lot. She lived in James town and saved John Smith's life by putting herself infront of him when he was about to be executed. She was the daughter of the Cheif Powhatan. Pocahontas stopped the colonial Americans and Powhatans from fighting. She was married to John Rolfe and she had a son. Pocahontas was extremely brave and saved the lives of many people. 🙂

Tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is a Market that a lot of tourists go to. You can buy a lot of souvenirs. Ben Thanh Market has a meat section, a vedgitable section, a section you can buy cloths, and a lot of other stuff. This is Bin Thanh Market:

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is a Cathedral in District 1. I have never ben there but its beutiful. It is extremely small compared to the one in Paris. Here is a picture of it: